Wine Recipe At Home

Making wine should not be too difficult. However, it really needs some information related to its recipe to completely make a bottle of wine, for instance. Wine is quite affordable, and it can be bought in stores. 

However, some people want to go differently by making wine instead of buying it. It really is tedious job because fermenting takes weeks, yet some people are really persistent to make a bottle of wine signature by themselves.

Before entering to the real deal, it is better to know some basics in wine ingredient. There are some basic ingredients for making one. The first is definitely grape because it has very unique taste. In addition to grape, there should yeast to transform the grape into wine. In the process three are some additional ingredients such as water, nutrient, sugar, raisin, and other things to obtain specific taste intended by the maker.

After knowing the basic, now it is time for serious part. The first wine recipe is apple wine. The main ingredient is transformed from grape to apple because it is actually possible to replace it with anything that people like. 

For the recipe, the ingredients are 24 lb. apple. Choosing right apple is essential. It is a must to find bitter apple instead of sweet one because the taste will be strong. The sourness will be tolerated with sugar, so there is no need to worry.

The next ingredient is 3 – 6 granulated sugar, 1 gallon of water, and 1 tsp. pectic enzyme. Some people may wonder why putting pectic enzyme. The reason is because it can give more structure towards the wine without making it too thick. It will stay in the taste bud longer that without. The last ingredient should be yeast and nutrient for building wine.

How to make the wine starts by dice chopping the apples, and putting it in a container while adding enzyme and water. Everything should blend together, so make sure it happens.

After doing that, it should be left alone around 24 hours before putting yeast and nutrient. Once yeast comes in, it is necessary to block air way whatsoever for a week or so. After that, it is time to strain juice from the pulp, and put it on different container.

Each container should be added 3 lb. of sugar per gallon, and it should be air-locked. Now it is time to wait for 2 months or so for the good result. For the best it takes a year.