Simple Strawberry Wine Recipe

Making a wine instead of buying it may be a fun thing – if not difficult – to do. There are only some ingredient needed, but some tools may be quite essential to support the project. For this occasion, one gallon of strawberry wine recipe will be described. It is due to the fact that people can get benefit from strawberry even though it is changed.

For the recipes, 4 pound of strawberry will be main ingredient. In order to create 1 gallon wine, 1 gallon of water will be sufficient because of the process will reduce the water content. In addition to water, 1 pound of sugar is needed to neutralize sour taste from strawberry. 

Some other ingredients include 1 teaspoon acid blend, yeast, Camden, and nutrient. ½ teaspoon pectic enzyme may be included as well for achieving more united taste in the end. For completing the ingredient, 1/8 teaspoon of tannin is also essential.

Moving to procedure, it is better to prepare every single thing. It includes removing leaves from the strawberry. Punch the strawberry from the middle to make it easier. After it is done, it is time to put it on straining bag and try to mash it until deformed. Put the straining bag in sterilized bucket and add sugar, water, tannin, pectic enzyme, and nutrient. 

Do not forget to stir it perfectly, so that the mixture blends very well.

Before adding the yeast, sterilizing the moist is essential, and it can be done by putting Camden tablet into it. To make it equal to all surfaces, stirring it is once again necessary. Put the container for 24 hours, and yeast can be added afterwards. 

It is necessary to stir this mixture every 5 days to make sure they are blending very well. Siphon the mixture every 2 weeks to other container until it is clear.