Red Concord Wine Recipe

Wine can be made personally with some tools. Today, this article will give step by step tutorial for making red concord wine. It will be great if you have more time to enjoy the wine because it takes quite amount of time for finishing the product.

Before starting to make the wine, there are some ingredients that should be prepared. They are 25 pounds of grapes, 3 gallon water, and 13 pound of sugar, 6 Camden tablet, 5 teaspoon nutrient, and 2.5 teaspoon pectic enzyme, yeast, and potassium sorbate. Those ingredients are fairly easy to find, and therefore you should own all ingredients.

The first step of making this wine is by sanitizing. The Camden tablet is essential for cleaning all tools that you need especially the gallon jug –someone used it for other things. While doing that, the grapes can be mashed into unidentified thing without leaves and stems. After that prepare container and pour warm water on it along with 10 pound of sugar. After that, pour more water until it reaches 5.5 gallon.

After the first step done, it is time to move to the next step i.e. fermentation by adding yeast. Unfermented juice should be added with nutrient, pectic enzyme, and Camden tablet (crushed). The amount of tablet should be adjusted based on its instruction. 

Let it be for 24 hours, and yeast can be added. Before adding, the yeast should be put on water of 40 F. let the yeast react by showing cloud on the water surface. It usually takes 15 minutes. 

After that, you can move the yeast into main container for fermentation and cover it perfectly. The fermentation takes 6 to 7 days, and it is better to make sure the container do not touch cold floor.

After first fermentation done, it is time for second time fermentation. It is done by cleaning left pulp floating on the surface.  After that, it is time for fining to make the wine look clear and nice. The last step of this wine recipe is definitely bottling, and it can be done easily by siphoning.