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Tip: What to Choose : Green Coffee Extract or Wine?

Some people are pursuing healthy life by trying many things. One of the strives is maintaining body weight due to the fact that imbalance weight level can lead to various diseases – particularly – related to blood pressure. In addition, there are still many health problems that should be avoided such as liver problem and others to have higher life quality. This article will give comparison between green coffee bean or known as GCB and wine for increasing one’s life quality.

Starting from wine, it has various benefits that common people may not expect. Most people may just know that wine is a perfect drink in events such as dinner, party, or meeting. However, it is actually also great for improving health as well. One of the benefits is related to lose weight. A wine is basically created from fermented grapes. Therefore, the effect will be the same as consuming the grape itself. As we know that grapes have various health benefits since they are fruit. In addition to water content within the grape for enhancing people’s freshness, grape also has benefit for strengthening liver. As it can improve liver’s health, it will directly improve life quality by drinking wine regularly.

Though it seems very great, there are actually some problems related to this wine. First is definitely because of its main ingredient. It is known that wine is made of grape. However, there are many variants of grape. It leads to various contents that may not be similar from one to another. Take one example of red wine. Its basic benefit is from its skin. The reddish skin is proven to provide excellent substance for improving liver’s health. It is even recommended for those who have liver problem to drink red wine every single day after meal. Another problem comes from its side effect when consumed. It makes people drunk. This problem is actually not really significant, yet it can lead to death when consumed too much because the brain nerve is slightly disoriented and damaged.

In short, wine is really helpful for those who need to save their liver. In addition, wine is also great for losing weight especially when it is consumed slightly. As a mean for improving life, wine is really fun and efficient way to acquire it.

Going to the next choice, there is a green coffee bean extract for fat burning purpose. Before going further, it is essential to know where it comes from. Basically a green coffee bean is unroasted coffee bean. It really is the main ingredient for making coffee, and it is just a raw version of it. The extract is usually already available in market, and it is ready to be consumed.

After knowing general overview of the green coffee bean, now it is time to move to its benefit. What we know about coffee usually only caffeine and only caffeine. However, it is essential to know that there is an acid called chlorogenic acid. It functions as losing weight agent by breaking fat component within the body. People who drink standard coffee will not get those benefits because the acid is destroyed when the coffee bean is roasted. To add more its benefit, green coffee bean is really helpful to absorb carbohydrate entering the body. It basically also helps people who want to lose weight without excessive diet. Consuming green bean extract will be very efficient way to lose weight, due to chlorogenic acid.

Another nice health benefit of green coffee bean is it can reduce bad cholesterol within the body. It means the consumer can be slightly safe from heart related disease in the future after consuming this extract. Though it is quite beneficial, there are also some problems emerging when consuming the extract. One of those is due to amount of caffeine. People who are sensitive to caffeine may suffer disturbance in their body such as shaking, and faster heartbeat.

The battle of green coffee bean extract versus wine may lead to a conclusion that they have their own advantages and disadvantages especially for health. It is actually possible to insert those sources for acquiring the most benefit of health. However, it is worth to note that excessive consumption of both supplements could lead to serious disease instead.

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Article: Losing Weight Using Wine, Is That Possible?

People want to live healthier by consuming healthy foods and drinks. Regarding beverages or drinks, it is essential to find out the fact that wine can improve health by though losing weight. Wine is basically alcoholic drink which is made of grape. By fermenting grape in appropriate way, it is possible to make it more beneficial for human. 

Based on some research, the best wine for improving life quality is red wine. Red wine is chosen because of its fermentation procedure. In order to gain red color, red grape will be fermented longer. Thus its health benefit also goes along with the wine unlike a white wine.